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All My Relations

This is the theme of the blog, always, forever, bone to whimsy.

In looking at “all my relations”, some identify codes of conduct/interaction, and methodically assess their behavior relation by relation. Others emphasize spontaneity, realizing good by loving.

I do both, structured and spontaneous.

My structured inquiry is by social scale, starting from the most within, “God” if you will.

1. My relationships with the most intimate. God is usually thought of as a remote authority, a judge, a king.

Others speak of God as that which knows you entirely and compassionately, utterly without judgment, more than one knows oneself, the most intimate. “Search my heart”. My most trusted friend.

It doesn’t require belief in any manner, nor any credo, nor any association, nor any magic incantation. The most that one can do is to relax, to allow to “search my heart.

Ultimately, the only power that accrues is the personal power of self-knowledge and self-control, adopted by repeated days and days of exercising one’s capacity to let one’s reality be seen, reviewed, accepted.

Religion in contrast is an application, but religion becomes twisted if only the application is remembered and not the original humility.

2. My relationship with my self. I personally am very self-critical, with an underlying consciousness of guilt, wondering what I did wrong, when?

I forgive myself for all actions, for all shortcomings. I acknowledge my kindness, my intelligence, my physical strengths. I observe the healing of pains, the natural restoration of vitality. I acknowledge my inevitably physical mortality. I acknowledge that I can only know what one person can know.

3. My relationship with my wife, trusted and trusting good friends, my children, my mother. Close, never abandoning one another. Cared for. Clearing up when I hurt or offend in some way. Speaking up when I’ve been hurt in some way. Seeking ways to be of help. Seeking help. Checking in often. Laughing and playing often.

4. My relationship with my community. Volunteer. Friendly acquaintance. My neighbors. Conscientrious professional relationships. Helpful, and productively critical. Problem solving.

5. My relationship with my nation, with my people. Loyal and productively critical.

6. My relationship with the planet. Lightly walking. Leaving room for others.

By caring, by loving as a verb in all our relations, we create a pleasant world, rather than an unpleasant one.

Structured and spontaneous.

This is my map of a good life.

Simple, with MANY complexities in the application.


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